1. Android Studio, instalace, zalozeni projektu, emulator
  2. Prvni projekt - ukazka
  3. TemplateProject (AndroidStudio 2.3.3) - zip

  4. -- Add new Activity (that stars after clicking the zodiac symbols ) with TextView that describes zodiac properties + zodiac date + zodiac name

    -- Add new Activity that is activated from menu item "About"

    -- Add corect zodiac symbols based on the day

  5. Start Another Activity
    Common Intents

  6. -- Start new activity with opening URL (e.g. in web browser with selected zodiac

    -- Change background of main activity using startActivityForResult and onActivityResult

    -- Save actual state of aplication using SharedPreferences (Date, Month, Zodiac symbols, Name)

    -- Test setOnTouchListener with MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN and MotionEvent.ACTION_UP on zodiac image

  7. 5 - 6.
    -- ČNB XML parser, ListView, TODO is included in template
    New Template for Android Studio 2.3.3
    Old Template