Information can be found here (in Czech)

Important Dates

?? - A Writing Exam (15-40 points)
17/18.12. - Project Submission (10-30 points)

Django Project Requirements

  • The application will contain at least 3 models (1 student) or 6 models (2 students). Create an administration interface.
  • The application will contain at least 6 views (1 student) or 12 views (2 students). The views will work with the models, and will use templates - 6 templates (1 student) or 12 templates (2 students).
  • The application will contain at least 3 forms (1 student) or 6 forms (2 students). Use both model forms and own forms.
  • The web pages will be connected by URL adresses.
  • The gas stations, polls, and blog themes are denied.
  • The graphical elements and CSS styles are optional.

  • Exercises

    Exercise 1 - script for this exercise - solution

    Exercise 2

    Programming Task. Topics: functions, if conditions, loops, lists, dictionaries (solution; use the same password as in the assignment)

    Exercise 3

    Programming Task. Topics: files (input/output), exceptions, functions (variable-length and keyworded argument list, lambda functions, list comprehension; chapter 2 in this text)

    Exercise 4

    Programming Task. Topic: OOP

    Exercise 5

    Programming Task. Topic: OOP

    Exercise 6

    Programming Task. Topic: OOP

    Exercise 7

    Programming Task. Topic: XML (slides)

    Exercise 8

    Programming Task. Topic: XML-RPC

    Exercise 9

    Programming Task. Topic: Summary of all exercises (OOP, XML, XML-RPC)
    pygame required
    sudo apt-get install python3-pip
    sudo pip3 install pygame
    set virtual environment
    python3 -m venv spja
    . spja/bin/activate
    pip3 install pygame

    Exercise 10

    Django. Topics: Creating a project, models, admin. (django1.txt)

    Exercise 11

    Django. Topics: Views, templates.

    Exercise 12

    Django. Topic: Forms. (solution)