About the Project

Project Name:PACMAN (Prognostics And Computer Aided Maintenance)
Project ID:686782
From / To:01 October 2016 / 30 Septemper 2020
Funded under:H2020-EU. - IADP Large Passenger Aircraft
Funding scheme:CS2-RIA - Research and Innovation action
Call for proposal:H2020-CS2-CFP01-2014-01
Topic(s):JTI-CS2-2014-CFP01-LPA-03-02 - Aircraft System Prognostic solutions integrated into an airline E2E maintenance operational context
Coordinator:Honeywell International s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic
Participant:VSB-TU Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic

The main focus of VSB-TUO in the project is to develop computer vision and augmented reality (AR) algorithms for use in prognostics and maintenance. These algorithms will be the core technology behind the whole AR system that help technicians to easily orient in the working environment of large passenger aircrafts (LPA) maintenance by means of instant and accurate guidance, including parts highlighting, access to global network of experts in non-nominal situations, and finally enabling more efficient supervision and knowledge sharing. The general problem of almost all AR applications is to quickly and reliably determine object’s 3D pose. Most of the cutting edge toolkits offer the detection and tracking of simple black-and-white planar markers or planar images. However, only some of them offer the latest emerging algorithms for the 3D object detection and pose estimation. Such algorithms reduce the need of placing the artificial markers on the object surface which may be a complication in real-life conditions. In our research, we are addressing this problem using variety of approaches utilizing wide area of devices, namely, regular color cameras, depth sensors, and variety of near-to-eye (NTE) headsets.